Student Services

Instructional Staff: Provides the learning methods, mentoring, lecture structure and preparations for examinations that establish the communications and relationships necessary for students to be successful in their field of study.

Financial Support Staff: Provides guidance in financial aid, and in payment plans.

Academic Director: Provides first line of communication to the students while active at the American Academy of Health & Beauty, enters daily attendance updates from instructional staff records. Maintains active list of employment opportunities within the field. Provides assistance in resume and job interviewing skills and maintains contact with our graduates.

Housing: Students must arrange for their own off-campus housing, however, the school will provide information on local housing resources.

Parking: Amble parking with secured entry to the school is provided.

Counseling Assistance: Students are provided access to off-campus counseling assistance in domestic, alcohol, drug, or, paternity situations upon identification or request. All referrals are confidential.

Employment Assistance: All staff members work in concert with the Director in extending assistance to the graduating students as well as past graduates that seek additional refresher training and placement. Classes in job seeking, interviewing and presentation skills are available throughout the enrollment period. Employment is not guaranteed upon completion of enrollment in any program.