Continuing Education

Take Continuing Education Courses

Meet your 12 hour CE requirements for the State of New Hampshire with AAHB. At AAHB we strongly believe in the importance of perceptual learning and have created a space where professionals can come together, network, share best practices, and grow. In today’s rapidly evolving job market, continuing education is essential for career advancement, adaptability, and becoming professionally agile to secure your profession and future in Massage Therapy.

By enrolling in our in-person CE courses at AAHB, you will meet instructors from around the country who will future-proof your career and profession by staying current, increasing your professional knowledge, and enhancing your existing skill to make you increasingly marketable. By enhancing your professional credibility you are securing your financial future and longevity in the field of Massage Therapy.

Partner to Teach CE Courses

Have a passion for teaching but do not know where to begin. Allow AAHB to help you achieve your teaching goals through a mutual partnership agreement. We will provide everything you need to teach your class, including registration management! All we ask is that your course material is approved by NCBTMB, FSMTB, or is relevant to the Massage Therapy profession. In addition, we ask that you share in the marketing and promotion of your class.

At AAHB, we want to support the growth of future educators in the Massage Therapy industry. Fulfill your dream and share your knowledge by becoming an instructor or educator with a partnership with AAHB and contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of massage therapists.

Rent Space For Your Class or Event

Have a course approved by NCBTMB, FSMTB or a course relevant to the profession of massage, but securing a location is too expensive and out of your budget? Let AAHB partner with you to achieve your teaching goals. We have a beautiful massage space centrally located to a regional airport, hotels, and restaurants all within a 10 minute drive. Invite your attendees to experience New Hampshire and all it has to offer by holding your event or class at AAHB.