Schedule Change

All requests for program attendance schedule changes must be made in writing, indicating the reason for the schedule change, signed by the student, submitted to the Academic Director/Student Services for processing and will be retained in the students’ file. Schedule changes are only to alter the time frame for which the student attends the original program as per the enrollment agreement, an example would be to change an attendance period from a day schedule to an evening schedule.

This schedule change would be contingent on availability of instruction for the number of hours the student has already completed in their current program. If the student is unable to be accommodated in the current class that is being presented, the student must wait for the appropriate time or consider other options such as remaining in their current program, a leave of absence for which the student must present mitigating reasons for the leave of absence or withdrawal from their current program and re enroll at a later date. The student will be advised on how this may impact their financial aid.