Attendance Policy

The student is responsible and required to attend all scheduled hours of the program of study as defined in their enrollment agreement. Missed classes, late arrivals, early leaves, absenteeism, and other actions are not considered professional behavior.

We at the American Academy of Health & Beauty expect our students to be professionals while in our programs and when representing us in the workforce. When a student is unable to attend a scheduled day they are required to inform the school.

If you know that you will be absent in advance, a student request form must be filled out and given to your instructor for approval.

There are NO EXCUSED TIME OFF OR EXCUSED ABSENCES unless approved by the school administration. Absences over the scheduled time will be charged to you as extra instructional charges. All applicable absent time will need to be made up as each student is required to complete their program.

The extra allotted time over the contract is as follows:

  • 900-hour Adv. Esthetic program is given 63 extra hours over contract
  • 600-hour Esthetic program is given 42 extra hours over contract
  • 300- hour Spa Nails program is given 21 extra hours over contract
  • 450-hour Adv. Spa Nail program is given 32 extra hours over contract
  • 780-hour Massage Therapy program is given 55 hours over contract

Please note: Any absences exceeding the above extra allotted time will be charged at $15.00 per hour. Please consider your tardiness and absences carefully, as it adds up quickly.

If a prolonged illness or hardship occurs that will exceed this contracted time, the student should discuss with the administration and apply for an approval for a Leave Of Absence.

Attendance Grading

When a student is absent and does not notify the school after the third absent day they will receive a 0 attendance grade for that week. Students will be terminated from their academic program if they are absent for and provide no response after 14 calendar days of the last day of his/her physical attendance. An average of the student’s total attendance is entered as a grade that is worth 10% of the total academics.