300 Hour Master Esthetics

The Master Esthetics program consists of advanced basic theory, demonstration, and hands on clinic time. This is an additional 300 hour course for students who are licensed or have finished the 600 hour program and would like to acquire theses additional skills.

Subject Total Hours Theory Practical
Course Introduction 2 1 1
Chemical Resurfacing Peels 55 14 41
Ultrasonic Devices 72 19 53
Light Therapy Devices 27 7 20
Microdermabrasion 55 10 45
Lymphatic Drainage 34 14 45
Total Hours: 600 20


During the student’s program of study record of the student’s performance is maintained to ensure progress toward graduation in theory and practicum is satisfied.

Theory, Lecture, Examination, and, Testing

93-100 A Excellent
85-92 B Very Good
75-84 C Satisfactory
74 and Below F Unsatisfactory-Below Standards


Master Estetics:
0-Did not perform
1-Minimally performed
2-Needs Improvement
3-Almost Mastered
4-Mastered task