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Energetic Raindrop Bodywork
July 19, 2024
8:00AM – 5:30PM

Tuition: $250.00
Instructor: Brenda L Mento, LMT
#CEU: 8 NCBTMB Approved
Liscence: FL# MA 97414 & NH# 3389

ENERGETIC RAINDROP BODYWORK (ERB) is one of the safest, most noninvasive treatments available for spinal health and may help to release stress, tension, muscle spasm flare-ups, chronic pain, colds and flu, fatigue, poor sleep and sometimes emotional blockages.  It is also an invaluable method for promoting healing from within using topically applied essential oils to the feet first (the arch represents the spinal area in reflexology) and then the spinn leaving the client emotionally and physically balanced. The oils used are: Valor, oregano, basil, thyme, wintergreen, aroma siez, marjoram, cypress and peppermint.

A treatment lasts approximately one-hour, however the oils continue to work for several days and even up to a month in some instances!.  Oils are applied to the bottom of the feet first (the arch represents the spinal area in reflexology). The oils are then dripped one at a time like drops of rain, up the clients back; thus, the name Raindrop. A series of seven different strokes are then performed on the back area to help disperse the oils, followed by a moist warm towel wrap. The clients’ chakras (energy zones) are then balanced to make sure their energy is flowing properly.

At the conclusion of this full day course, you will be able to provide your clients a full 60 minute body treatment with the protocol for application of oils and strokes.

To register for workshops:
Call or email: 603.491.5109 / brenda.mento@yahoo.com
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Craniosacral Therapy CST-I Basics
August 15, 2024 – August 18, 2024
9:00AM – 6:00PM

Tuition: $750 ($700 with early registration)
Instructor: Dr. James Green, DC, LAc, LMT
#CEU: 31 NCBTMB Approved
NCBTMB PROVIDER #: 450070-06

Begin to explore the Basics of Craniosacral therapy this August with Dr. Jim Green of Acorn Seminars. . This alternative, hands-on, noninvasive therapy uses gentle  touch to release tension and promote the natural movement of fluids throughout the body (head, neck, and. back).  CST is used to treat everyday aches and pains, chronic diseases, emotional or psychological disturbances and helps improve health and vitality.

Each participant will come away from the class with a ready to use protocol and study guide for their own practice. Healthcare practitioners in the field who already have successful practices will find this work to be a nice complement to their own style of bodywork. CST-1 participants will learn:

  • craniosacral rhythm and still point technique
  • v-spread technique
  • diaphragm techniques- pelvic, respiratory, thoracic, hyoid, occipital cranial base
  • core link techniques- occipital traction, L5–S1, iliac gap, sacral traction, rock and glide
  • cranial techniques- frontal, parietals, sphenoid, temporals, and TMJ

To register for workshops:
Call or e-mail: 315.325.4423 / info@acornseminars.com
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